The plotted development of the Prestige City is aptly named Prestige Great Acres @ The Prestige City and encompasses 80 acres of the total 180 acres land area of the Prestige City. Located at Ittangur on Sarjapur road, this premium-segment plotted development consists of 900 plots that have been meticulously developed and planned using the most modern techniques and high-quality materials. The Prestige Group has a well-deserved reputation for delivering projects of high quality and this township lives up to the Prestige Group’s reputation as a real estate development company that is extremely sensitive to its customer’s needs and desires. Prestige Great Acres is a plotted development that is planned and designed especially for those discerning customers who desire to own a plot of land that they can call their own, on which to construct their dream abodes in keeping with their own personal requirements and specifications. The Prestige Group is extremely mindful of the varying desires and needs of its potential customers and to this end, this plotted development has been designed to have within itself plots of varying configurations in order to suit the needs of every potential customer, their budgets and other requirements. There are three dimensions of plots available at this premium plotted development, in sizes of 30 square feet x 40 square feet, 30 square feet x 50 square feet, and 40 square feet x 60 square feet, thereby ensuring that each and every individual looking to invest in a plot of land here can find something that suits their requirements. Prestige Great Acres @ The Prestige City is an aesthetically designed plotted development that includes within itself a number of aesthetic design elements, water features, and open green spaces interspersed with beautifully landscaped parks and gardens, which infuse the township with a sense of beauty and an overpowering sense of tranquillity – something that is so needed in today’s hectic life. The development has well paved and well laid out internal roads with well-defined pedestrian pathways and kerbs on both sides with green strips and planters. There are street light poles deployed for common areas and underground plumbing through the development. Prestige Great Acres @ The Prestige City comes has a whole plethora of amenities within the township for the exclusive use of the residents, which includes a grand clubhouse, a multipurpose hall, yoga and meditation decks, swimming pools exclusively for children and adults, among others. For the exercise and sports inclined residents, there are walking and jogging tracks that criss-cross the development, a well-equipped state-of-the-art gymnasium, and also facilities for outdoor sports such as a basketball court. Residents who prefer indoor activities are not forgotten and the development has ample facilities for indoor games such as a table tennis and carrom, among others. The senior citizens’ zone and kids play area are also amenities provided at the township. Prestige Great Acres @ The Prestige City is an eco-friendly project that includes a modern system of water treatment plants and rainwater harvesting facilities. There is an organic waste convertor, a sewage water treatment plant, and facilities for water recycling in the township. Prestige Great Acres @ The Prestige City is a premium-segment plotted development which has been meticulously designed to meet the exacting standards of today’s investor in real estate.

Aptly named Prestige Great Acres is the plotted development that encompasses an area of 80 acres of the total 180 acres of land area of the Prestige City. This is a premium-segment plotted development that is located at Ittangur on Sarjapur road. This development consists of 808 thoughtfully designed plots, which have been developed using only the most modern and high-quality construction materials and techniques. The Prestige Group is a company that over the years has built up a keen sense of what its customers require and has a reputation of delivering above and beyond what the customers require. Prestige Great Acres lives up to that standard in every aspect. This is a plotted development that has been meticulously planned and developed and is aimed at those customers who choose to own their own piece of land and want to live in a bespoke home that is designed and constructed according to their own needs and likes and not live in an apartment or in a predesigned villa. Mindful of the fact that different individuals have different requirements, this plotted development has plots of varying dimensions available for the customer, which come in sizes of 9 x 12 meters, 10 x 15 meters, 10 x 18 meters, 12 x 18 meters, 15 x 18 meters, and 15 x 24 meters, among others. The inner roads of the development are of 12 meters and 9 meters width. There is individual defined access which is concrete finished to the plots from the approach road. The street lighting of the development is with LED energy efficient lights. With three magnificent entranceways into the development, the plots are conveniently and easily accessible from different directions. Of these entranceways, once is from the Ittangur village road and one is from the Valagere Kallahalli road. The civic amenities of the development are laid out in the central part of the development with plots laid out on either side, making the amenities accessible for all the residents. The exclusive grand clubhouse is centrally located and flanked by green landscaped areas. Along the spine of the development are located the physical infrastructure amenities. There is an abundance of open green areas and beautifully landscaped parks that up the aesthetic quotient of the development. Prestige Great Acres also has a host of amenities such as event lawns, children’s play area, amphitheatres, swimming pool, exercise stations, courts for various sports such as basketball, volleyball, and tennis, a skate park, jogging tracks and bike trails, a sports pavilion, and cricket practice nets. All these amenities and luxuries are under the watchful eye of an ever-present and well-manned security force that is on the job 24/7 with security cabins at all entry and exit points and CCTV coverage at the children’s park and service yards. This development is an eco-friendly enclave that includes rainwater harvesting facilities and there is provision for treated water to be used in urban landscaping and flushing in homes. Prestige Great Acres has been meticulously and thoughtfully designed and developed keeping in mind the modern investor and their many requirements.

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